Devices on sale

Device type Manufacturer Others Pictures
Activator 2S Actel incl. ACT1-44LCC programming unit picture
PM5414V Philips Video test pattern generator pict1, pict2

Components on sale

Type of component Manufacturer Quantity Others
RK09K1110A0J Alps 800 10kohms, 50 mW, series RK09K, L of the shaft 20mm  picture
RK0971110 Alps 563 10kohms linear, knurled, length of the shaft 15mm, picture
B6252H6-ND36-75 Kaijack 249 BNC-connector, 75 ohms, right angle, H=13,1mm, picture
M514221B-30R OKI 19
D42280GU-30 NEC 6
MAX662ACSA Maxim 29
CXA2075M Sony 20
AD8051AR AD 96 date 9912
TLC549CD TI 35
CD22402E Harris 25 9221
A1010B-PL44C Actel 49 date 95-96
PCF8591T Philips 47
MB40576 Fujitsu 100
SABC501-L24M Siemens 550
BBY40 2800 date 9823






















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